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07/10/2023 News


October 7, 2023

A Hand Cream for Life-Saving Research 

Alter Ego Italy for the second year is standing by Fondazione Veronesi, founded by Professor Umberto Veronesi in 2003, by supporting the Pink is Good project by and financing a research grant to aid scientific research on typically female cancers. 

The Pink is Good project was initiated in 2013 with two primary objectives for combating typically female cancers: to educate and promote prevention promote a culture of prevention, essential for early disease detection by raising public awareness and disseminating information on the topic, and to provide tangible support for the daily work of researchers. Thanks to the numerous grants and projects funded year after year, scientific research has taken giant leaps forward. The statistics indeed indicate that if breast cancer is diagnosed in its initial stages, the chances of recovery exceed 90%. 

The color pink has now become the distinguishing symbol of initiatives supporting Fondazione Veronesi's female cancer research. Alter Ego Italy, always close to women and social initiatives, has created an entirely Pink product to support the cause. 

An exclusive hand cream will be available in AEI salons, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Fondazione Veronesi, which will award a research grant to a researcher - through an annual public call for proposals - to continue the study and treatment of breast cancer in Italian centers of excellence. 

The cream dedicated to "Pink is Good" cream by Alter Ego Italy is nourishing and moisturizing, repairing and protecting hands from dryness and chapping while enhancing the beauty of hands. Additionally, it absorbs quickly, is non-greasy, leaving the skin smooth and elastic.