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A long journey into beauty

A tale of a bygone era, where determination, tenacity, and specialized expertise lay the foundations of a solid and continually growing company.



From an artisan company "Morgana di Mario Pettenon" to an industrial group that looks to the future between history. "Morgana" was founded in 1946 by Mario Pettenon, entrepreneur, philanthropist and art lover. A company that right since its inception saw Arturo Pegorin's cooperation with the founder in masterly and tireless artisan product creation.


In 1988 with the loss of Mario Pettenon, Pettenon Cosmetics passed to the Pegorin family: Arturo and his sons Gianni and Federico, who lead the company on a path of ascent and expansion.


Today Pettenon Cosmetics is one of the most well-known companies in the professional hair & skin care sector, with 590 employees and a turnover of about €197 million. Pettenon’s portfolio, which is always growing, has expanded to nine brands with the aim of delivering products that are innovative yet, at the same time, accessible to diverse customer bases.  
In 2021 Pettenon Cosmetics officially became benefit company crystallising, in its legal form, its commitment to operating responsibly, sustainably and transparently with people, communities, regions and the environment. As a consequence, the company started pursuing the common benefit goals stated in its articles of association in addition to the goal of maximising and distributing profits. 

In 2022 Pettenon Cosmetics published its first Impact Report in the form of Sustainability Report.