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Sustainability Report – Impact Report 2022



Operating responsibly and pursuing the common good represent one of the greatest challenges globally. .

We have been a benefit company since 2021 and firmly believe in a business ethic based on fair and transparent relationships with our partners and employees, as well as concrete actions to protect the environment. This enables us to offer increasingly sustainable solutions and provide ongoing support for the needs of our local area.  

We pay attention to the entire ecosystem, going beyond simply using our products.

Research and innovation

  • 20 top-seller products with naturalness and biodegradability index over 90%
  • 44% of commodities derived from palm oil RSPO (Roundtable on sustainable palm oil) certified
  • Implementation of the Ecodesign software GABI
  • 6.4% of turnover generated by LCA products

Environmental Protection

  • Organizational Life Cycle Assessment
  • Compensation for the 258,15 tons of unmitigated CO2 emissions of the company’s production plant in San Martino di Lupari and achievement of carbon neutrality 
  • Partial measurement of Scope 3 emissions
  • Measurement and compensation of the 42 tons of CO2 emissions from corporate events
  • ISO14001certified environmental management system

Gender Diversity and Multiculturalism

  • 57% of female employees
  • 54% of women in middle positions
  • 65 members of Women4Beauty

Training and development of people

  • Over 14K hours of training provided
  • Entry turnover of 26%
  • 100% of employees engaged under national collective agreements
  • The retention rate of employees who took Parental Leave is equal to 96%
  • 20 employees participated in Master courses or programs delivered by business schools

Sommunity Support

  • Support to over 20 local associasions such as Gruppo Polis, Fondazione “Città della Speranza” Onlus, Fondazione “I bambini delle Fate”, CROSSabili
  • Supporting Ukrainian refugees, renting 13 apartments in Poznan, western Poland, and housing more than 70 refugees.