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Pettenon Cosmetics has been in the world of cosmetics since 1946. Its vision of “Bringing out the best of beauty in every detail” encapsulates the essence of the industrial business. The company is dedicated to tangible development of this past, present and future image. It nurtures and enhances the beauty not only of people’s hair and skin but also of the environment, taking an eco-friendly approach and striving to be as sustainable as possible. Furthermore, it takes concrete action every day to help those in need, providing support for female victims of violence, the sick and the poor.

The vision is complemented by the Pettenon Cosmetics mission: “We work with dedication and passion in order to provide extremely professional, quintessentially Italian products and services that keep all types of hair and skin in great shape. Enhancing beauty since 1946.

The mission is bolstered by the company’s compliance with ethical and business values that guide its strategic decisions:


Tradition and Innovation 
We strive to respect our origins and roots, doing our utmost every day to build a stable future for ourselves
We strive to develop a “culture of innovation” in order to anticipate people’s needs and enable the company to respond to market challenges more quickly

Passion for excellence 
We constantly strive to nurture a passion for excellence and ceaseless improvements in every area of our business
We strive to make excellence our goal in all endeavours, both on the market and in terms of business organization

Customer satisfaction 
We strive on a daily basis to create professional products, solutions and services that offer high performance and quality, in order to satisfy all of our customers’ beauty needs and enhance their quality of life
We strive to establish partnerships with them that are based on trust and respect, as well as support and assistance at all times

Forward thinking 
We strive to set clear objectives based on anticipated future needs and pursue them with flexible solutions
We strive to achieve ambitious results and we work steadfastly and devotedly until we are successful, looking ever further ahead

Staff development 
We strive to harness and champion the qualities and aspirations of all members of staff, so that we can give them suitable professional development opportunities that are in keeping with our business development strategies
We strive to share objectives and results with all members of staff so that they appreciate that their contributions play a key part in the development and growth of the whole company

We strive to support and play an active part in solidarity initiatives and projects in the local area that assist people and improve their quality of life
We strive to share our company’s success with our staff by introducing welfare systems


Built on the solid foundations provided by our vision, mission and values, the Code of Ethics underlines our ethical outlook for all stakeholders. It sums up the company’s values and shared responsibilities. The code sets out the pledges made by a forward-thinking company with solid roots in the past that is constantly preparing for the world of tomorrow and endeavouring to make it a better place for future generations.

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