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Quality, research and development

Research and Innovation in the Service of Beauty.


To ensure the utmost professionalism of our products, we constantly invest in safety and quality. This is achieved through our highly specialized and qualified staff, continuous training, and collaboration with internationally recognized consultants. Our commitment also includes the ongoing monitoring and adherence to European and non-European cosmetic regulations. This meticulous attention ensures that our customers worldwide receive not only products compliant with current laws but also increasingly customizable services.


Research and development lab

Supported by a highly qualified team with significant expertise, our in-house Research and Development laboratory works on creating new formulations for products that can effectively meet the needs of different markets. Research and updates are also aligned with the latest European and international regulations.


1 chemical laboratory,
1 microbiological laboratory,
1 packaging laboratory

Our in-house laboratories, staffed with highly qualified personnel, are responsible for conducting all the necessary checks to ensure product quality. Chemical tests are carried out at multiple stages of the production process, from raw materials to semi-finished products to the finished product. The microbiological laboratory operates at a biosafety level 2, with an automatic air filtration system both in the incoming and outgoing air. Furthermore, it is maintained at a negative pressure to ensure the complete safety of the operators working there. With the goal of ensuring product quality as a distinctive element in the market, the laboratory has been constructed with criteria much closer to the pharmaceutical industry. 

The chemical and microbiological laboratories are newly constructed, with all surfaces being smooth and effectively sterilizable. To provide additional assurance, the group relies on external certifying bodies for the calibration, maintenance, and validation of the proper functioning of the equipment in use.