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08/03/2017 News

Pettenon Cosmetics S.p.A. S.B. celebrates its women

8 March 2017, Padua - "Celebrating Beauty” is the pay-off of Pettenon Cosmetics S.p.A. S.B., a leading company in the professional Hair & Skin Care industry supplying beauty professionals since 1946: with this premise, the group wants to celebrate women and, in particular, its women employees who amount to almost 53% of its staff.

The company wishes to convey a double message: beauty is not only linked to aesthetics, thanks to a wide and varied production that takes into account the needs of the many countries served, but also to personal well-being.

"We want to celebrate the 8th of March together with the women of Pettenon Cosmetics S.p.A. S.B. in order to stress the importance of providing tangible support," - state Federico and Gianni Pegorin, the company owners - "since beauty also stands for social ethics, which is something we care about very much. The Polis Group, which we have been supporting for several years, pays special attention to women in difficult situations: in fact, almost 7 million women suffer some form of physical or psychological violence at least once in their lifetime. In our own way, thanks to a collaboration with this association present in the area, we believe that it is essential to support the group to help women who suffer from violence to find the strength they need to rebuild their future."

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