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24/05/2023 Event

First Pettenon Clean Up Day: Over 200 kg of Waste and 1 kg of Cigarette Butts Collected

May 24, 2023

As a Benefit Company, we pursue with determination our commitment to sustainability through Sustainable Development Goal 13 (SDG 13) to protect the environment. This goal for us is not just a statement, but a fundamental part of our mission, which is why this year we organized the first Pettenon Clean Up Day

During a morning of intense activity, our colleagues, divided into 6 teams, showcased their commitment to promoting environmental sustainability by collecting a total of 202 kg of waste and 1 kg of cigarette butts! 

Pettenon Clean Up Day, organized in collaboration with Legambiente, was not only an opportunity to clean up trash, but also to focus on the problem of littering, the improper abandonment of small waste such as cigarette butts that contribute significantly to pollution. 

This event provided an opportunity for sharing, team building, and concrete action to preserve the environment and the areas around Onara.